We cannot imagine life without electricity, internet and mobile communication all serving together, both as a technical platform for the social networks and various communication tools, and as a gigantic storage of information in the classical form of the World Wide Web. "Bulterjers" has been working in this super-medium from almost its first steps in Latvia in the 1990s. Interactive solutions are offered both as independent products and as components of integrated marketing in larger projects for an agency or clients.
Management of social accounts, content creation and placement, client consulting and strategic planning. Development and maintenance of classic websites and applications. Audit of client's internet resources, planning and implementation of internet advertising campaigns.

We are convinced that as technological capacity grows, it is content and strategy and not the technical solutions that will rule the madness of global multimedia. Design, a simple and easily understandable logic, and clear language, are the three pillars that will always distinguish a good product from a mediocre one. These are our qualities in the digital world.